OK – So you have some questions – hopefully the following Q&A’s will have your answers.  But if not, just give me a call or e-mail anytime.







Section A:  Nevis 3-1/2 hour Land Tour Q & A’s

Section B:  St. Kitts 6-1/2 hour Land Tour Q & A’s

Section C:  Nevis & Kitts 5-1/2 hour Jet Ski Tour Q & A’s

Section D:  4 x 4 Rentals Q & A’s

Section E:  Jet Ski Rentals Q & A’s

Section F:  Vespa Scooter Rentals Q & A’s

Section G:  The Funky Monkey Story




SECTION A:  Nevis 3-1/2 hour Land Tour Q & A’s:


Can you tell me more about your Nevis land tours?

Our open air Funky Monkey Tours are now in their 9th Year of Business and is the #1 Attraction on Nevis per TRIP ADVISOR!  We’re the “original” and the best.  Stateside owned and operated with a fleet of Polaris 4x4”s - Rangers®, RzR’s® and CREW’s –  NO single rider ATV’s!


We offer 9 AM & 1 PM DAILY guided island tours which cover the entire island - There’re easy, informative and 100% fun.  We‘ll pick you up at your hotel or ferry dock and in a matter of 3-1/2 hours you’ll be transformed from a “tourist” into an “expert” on Nevis.  Afterwards you’ll know what to do, where to go and where to eat for the remainder of your holiday.  You’ll travel on many trails and roads not on the island map.  We’ll take you where the others can’t - seeing some of the prettiest island sights with a mix of on/off roads, beaches & bush, resorts & ruins.  We’ll stop many times on the trail to tell stories, take photos and enjoy lots of liquid refreshments as we load our vehicles with both soft and hard drinks.  (Yes!  Some guests have called us “a booze cruise in the bush!”).  There’re nothing scary or rough – no hiking and no “heavy lifting” - just a fun time for all.  Funky Monkey Tours are simply the best way to adventure Nevis.


I’m arriving to St. Kitts on a cruise ship – your tours sound great but do I have enough time to come to Nevis, do your tour and make it back to my ship in time for departure?

Usually yes!  We have many St. Kitts and cruise ship guests come over for our tours and it’s actually pretty easy!  There are reliable public ferries as well as private water taxis available. However, every cruise ship has its own schedule, therefore, I recommend that you call or e-mail me your ship information in advance and I’ll give you your different interisland options and logistics.

Please note that we have to schedule guides, dedicate vehicles and load provisions for our cruise ship and St. Kitts guests.  Therefore we require a confirmed reservation with credit card on file.  Cancellations must be received by e-mail or a person-to-person phone call at least 24 hours in advance or a 50% “no show” charge will be applied.  No Shows diminishes our ability to properly serve our other guests so PLEASE, contact us with any changes in a timely manner!!!


What about cancellation due to weather?

Occasionally we have to - but it’s a very small occurrence.  In Nevis (and the tropics), rain showers tend to blow in and out in a short period of time – rarely does it rain all day.  If it’s raining on one side of the island, chances are that it’s sunny and dry on the other side!  And if we do get caught in a shower, we’ve found that most of our guests actually love parking under the nearest Mango tree waiting for the (warm) rain to stop while enjoying a cocktail (or two) along with some good island stories.


Who goes on the tours and are there any age restrictions”

Our guests include regular folks to crown princes and princesses - from Wall Street scoundrels to Hollywood glitterati and everyone else in between – and all ages from one to ninety three!  You’ll never know who’ll be on tour with you!  I have some great stories to tell BUT…..whatever happens on the trail stays on the trail   !!     

What’s the minimum and maximum group size that you can accommodate?

We have a minimum number of two guests for a tour.  Unless we already have a group going, single guests will be charge for two persons if they wish to go on tour.

As for a maximum size - we currently have a multiple vehicle capacity for up to 50 guests driving “wagon train” style.  In general however, our daily tours go out with between 4 to 8 guests which allow us to maintain our popular close personal relationships with each one of our guests.  For our larger corporate groups, we take additional guides as well as offer multiple daily tour times/dates to accommodate all attendees during their stay on the island.

Do you offer private tours

Yes! With prior arrangements and costs. 

Can I drive on the tour?

Yes but with some caveats.  Our guide always takes out a 6-passenger Polaris CREW as the lead vehicle.  With small groups (five or less) - guests ride with the guide in his vehicle.  However, if the group on board are all related and have no concerns – then Yes, anyone in the group can drive if they wish.  The guide will simply move over and ride “right seat” just giving directions.  However, history has shown that most of the time a guest requests to drive, they’ll usually relinquish the wheel back to the guide in a short period of time -  preferring to once again sit back and “enjoy” the ride rather than worrying about dodging rocks, goats and crazy island drivers!   Hey - you’re on holiday – sit back, have fun and leave the work to us!

If you find you’re in a small unrelated mixed group on board the guide’s vehicle but still want to drive - you can request your own “private” vehicle and follow in along “wagon train style” behind the guide – however, this may result in an additional vehicle charge depending on group size. 

With groups larger than five guests however– a driver or drivers from the group will be needed as we take multiple vehicles.  If you have to drive, don’t worry as it’s very easy as our vehicles are all automatic and drive like big golf carts.   In these cases (usually large families or corporate groups), we go out in “wagon train style” with as many vehicles as necessary keeping a safe and orderly distance behind each and every vehicle.  Our guide leads in his vehicle and in many occasions, we will also have a follow up guide at the rear of the train.

Will we see monkeys on the tour?

Usually - but don’t leave home without your VISA- You just may need it on a

Funky Monkey Tour


I love that clip .  Seriously, most of the time we’ll run across some of our island’s Green Verbet Monkeys on the trail.  These African monkeys were originally brought here in the 17th Century by British settlers.  They’re highly social and usually seen in groups of up to 7 to 80 individuals.  While mostly in the bush, they can be found everywhere on the island (especially around my pool deck!) as they have no natural predators here.  That said, they’re still a bit shy and reclusive.  However, as long as Mother Nature permits – we’ll see some.  But for sure we’ll see lots of goats, lambs, cows and horses – and probably a few pigs, mongooses and chickens Oh My!

How much does your Nevis tours cost and do you accept credit cards?

Cost is $135 usd/adult, $100 usd/child (10 & under - car seats are available for Munchkin's). And yes - we accept Master Card, Visa or cash (which is always preferred). Hotel / ferry dock pick-up and drop off service is included. 

3-1/2 hours sounds like a long time – do you offer a shorter tour?

This question comes up once in a while and the answer is NO unless you’ve arranged for a private tour.  Then, you can cut it short if you wish – BUT, this has NEVER happened as guests find that the time goes by very quickly and they usually want to stay out longer!


I’m a corporate incentive group planner – do you carry insurance?

Yes – we carry $1M ECD in Liability Insurance through – the tour operator’s “standard policy” on the island. 


What else do I need to know?

MOST IMPORTANT!!!  Take our tour early in your holiday – DO NOT wait until the last day!  If I had a nickel for everyone who told me that they wished they had taken our tour when they first got to Nevis – I’d have a whole LOT of nickels!!

As for expedition attire - comfortable, casual, cool clothing & shoes is perfect for the trail.  You might want to grab a couple of pool towels from your resort just in case of a rain shower.  And I’d also bring along some sun screen, sun glasses and a camera.  Note - we do not stop for food so bring along a snack bar if you wish.


Section B:  St. Kitts 6-1/2 hour Land Tour Q & A’s


Tell me more about your St. Kitts Land Tours?

This Season (2016) we begin our scheduled tours of St. Kitts.  Guests will either meet at our shop, SeaBridge or we’ll pick you up at your hotel around 8:30 AM in time to arrive at the SeaBridge Auto Ferry located in Cades Bay @ 9 AM.  There we will drive our vehicle(s) on the ferry for the short (20 minute) ferry ride over to Kitts (Major’s Bay).

From there we will proceed up the beautiful south peninsula (very similar in looks & feel to the back side of St. Johns USVI) and into the Rain Forest above the airport.  Dropping down, we will travel back along the Atlantic side of Kitts and again down the south peninsula where we will explore the various lookouts & beaches.  At the end, we will stop for lunch and/or a swim before re-boarding the SeaBridge @ 2 PM for our return back to Nevis. 

Please note our Kitts tours are subject to weather & sea conditions and that SeaBridge departure times may vary with “island time”!!!   Most of the additional information found in the above Nevis 3-1/2 hour Land Tour Q & A’s is applicable to our St. Kitts Tours as well.

What is the minimum and maximum number of guests do you take for your Kitts tours?

As this is a new offering for us and due to the logistics involved, for this initial season we have a minimum number of four and a maximum of eighteen guests per tour. 


How much does your Kitts tours cost and do you accept credit cards?

Cost is $250/pp (minimum 4 guests).  And yes - we accept Master Card, Visa or cash (which is always preferred )   Hotel / ferry dock pick-up and drop off service is included. 

Do you offer private or specialized tours of Kitts as well?

       ABSOLUTELY!  There are lots of additional places to see and things to do in Kitts like – tour Romney Manor, Brimstone Hill Fort (a UNESCO site), the new Agriculture Greenhouses & Tea House, Kittian Hill Resort (a WOW!) and beautiful Ottley’s Plantation Resort.  Looking for more adventure? - there’s Zip Lines and a swim with the Dolphins operation as well.  We can modify our Kitts tour according to your wishes - length of tour and cost will vary accordingly. 

Section C: Nevis & Kitts 5-1/2 hour Jet Ski Tour Q & A’s


Tell me more about your Nevis and Kitts Jet Ski Tours?

The concept for this two island tour came from a few Jet Ski trips that I did along with some good buddies from Michigan many years ago.  We were all into water sports and Skis and were bored with riding in circles on our inland lake.  So one year we loaded up several machines and drove down I-75 from Michigan to Key Largo where we launched our Skis into the water off Card Sound Road.  For the next seven wonderful days, we skied our way down through the Keys to Key West along the smooth Gulf waters.  In route, we tied up at pre-planned resort stops and had a mechanic with spare parts and skis follow us down on US 1 paralleling the old overseas railway.  We did it again the following year with twelve buddies – those were trips of a lifetime!!

So if you’re looking for the ultimate Jet Ski adventure – try our 5-1/2 hour two island tour of Nevis and Kitts – you WILL get wet!  We originated this tour several years ago and it’s very popular.  It’s a beach, beach, bar, bar, snorkel, snorkel, bar, bar stop for lunch kind of thing along the Leeward coast of both islands.  The channel crossing is a blast and there’s a good chance you’ll come face to face with turtle or whale!   We first meet at our office @ 10:30 AM for route, operational and safety instructions, then hit the water returning around 4 PM – wet, toasted & fried!   The cost is $450 usd / Jet Ski accommodating up to three riders.  Reservations only!

Section D: 4 x 4 Rentals Q & A’s

I’d like to rent one of your 4x4’s and go on my own?

While over 90% of our business is guided tours – for some locals, ex-pats, return guests or those “Indiana Jones” types - rentals may be the best option.  With rentals, you must come to our shop where we check you in to the vehicle of your choice (either a 2, 3, 4 or 6 passenger model – rates and availability vary).  We’ll provide you with a basic island road map and give you operational instructions. In addition to the rental fee, there’s a government tax (10%), a 90 day temporary local driver’s license (now required @ $30 usd) and a refueling charge (unless you bring the vehicle(s) back full).  Note that there are no road signs on the island (I suspect the Taxi cab guys took them down!) and you’re responsible for any physical damage to the vehicle (including tires).  Also note that depending on the number in your party and your choice of vehicle(s) - rentals could be more expensive than a guided tour (hint – tour, tour, tour!!!   I think you know my thoughts on the matter……..


OK – is there anything else I need to know for renting?

Other than the information above, all rentals rates are based on a “half day” periods9 AM to 1 PM or 1 PM to 5 PM.  All rentals originate and return at our office which is located about ½ mile north of the Four Seasons Resort on the Main island Road.  Rentals are charged at the time the vehicle is taken out.  Guests sign and leave on file a “open” credit card charge slip for any overtime, fuel used or damage incurred (if any).  Full day (24 hour) and/or multiday rates are available in advance.  Call or e-mail for further information.  And remember, no matter how many Rum Punches you’ve enjoyed in route - always DRIVE ON THE LEFT!


Section E:  Jet Ski Rentals Q & A’s


I’d like to rent a Jet Ski and try it out?  What’s the story?

 We operate a fleet of 3-passenger BRP Sea Doo Jet Skis (GTI’s GTX’s & RXT-RX’s) and offer hourly rentals by reservation only.

Our rentals operate off the beach at our Yachtsman Grill and cost $75/half hour if the Ski is already in the water otherwise it’s a one hour minimum @ $150 if we have to put the Ski in the water specifically for your behalf.  In actuality however, most ride the Skis for an hour or more.  Our operational area for rentals runs from Sunshine’s Bar to Oaulie Beach Resort (about a 5 mile run) and no more than ½ mile out to sea.  The safety of our guests is our main concern - all guests go out with a US Coast Guard Life Vest, full instructions and a handheld VHF Radio.  We want you to have fun but be safe!

Note - A lot of our hourly Jet Ski renters become our 5-1/2 hour Kitts / Nevis Jet Ski Tour riders!

Section F:  Vespa Scooter Rentals Q & A’s


I’m interested in renting one of your VESPA Scooters?

I first fell in love with VESPA Scooters when I was in Rome – they’re everywhere! - colorful and cute.  I owned ‘em, rode ‘em back home in Michigan and even took a few to Harley Bike Week in Sturgis, South Dakota for a couple of times!!  The hard core, black leather biker’s loved ‘em!

I brought some to Nevis as I thought they’d be a great way to get around the island.  Looking at a map, you’ll see that Nevis basically has a single main island road around the island - but unfortunately it’s overrun with crazy local drivers, pot holes and wandering livestock everywhere.  Most of the sights and places to see on Nevis are off on secondary roads which are in marginal condition at best – two tracks, pot holes, dirt and rock – not well suited for scooters.  Over the years we’ve had several guests tumble and fall.  So yes, while we do rent 50 cc & 150 cc VESPA Scooters, I want to clearly warn you of the hazardous island road conditions and potential pitfalls as renters are liable for any damage.  That said – they cost $75 / day (9 AM to 5 PM) – Full day (24hrs) and multiday rentals are available on request.  And like with any vehicle you drive on the island – you must have a temporary local driver’s license (which we sell) to drive.

So you still like Scooters?  Well so do I  –  But my recommendation (if you want it) is this: rent them when in Rome or Key West.  While on Nevis, rent one of our 4x4’s – they have a canvas top (for sun & rain), are safe, can go anywhere and most important – they have cup holders !  

Section G:  The Funky Monkey Story


I’m intrigued – how did you start Funky Monkey?

I’m a big jovial American guy originally from Michigan who started this business as a fluke after moving to Nevis to retire several years ago. 

Just out of college, I found myself spending my vacation time on family Caribbean Cruises and island destination visits. Years later I took up sailing and chartered throughout the Bahamas, US & British Virgin Islands and the Grenadines (St. Vincent down to Grenada).  Great times but sailing became too slow for me so I took up flying and piloted my way around all the islands in a variety of single, twin, turboprop & light jet aircraft under my banner of Eager Beaver Air Service (another adventure!).  I hated going back to Michigan after each trip dreaming of one day where I’d stop being a tourist and become a “local” by actually living on an island - and maybe even owning a beach bar!  Well, somehow that just happened back in the early 2000’s.  After crossing off my “Bucket List item” of being certified to land in St. Barth’s, I threw a dart at the map and it landed on Nevis (right or wrong!) where I finally put my feet firmly in the sand.  I took the seats out of my CJ, loaded up my stuff, and flew down from the frozen Midwest landing in a major rain storm after a few go arounds.  And that, my friends, is when my “real Caribbean adventure” began - it’s a story that’s still being written as the Carnival continues! 

After an initial couple of years of washing my Jeep, mowing our lawn and drinking silly rum drinks with small umbrellas, I was bored out of my mind.  I originally brought down a Polaris 4x4 with me and folks were always interested in it.  One afternoon, a local restauranteur asked me if I would take a few of his guests and show them around the island.  I distinctly remember calling some of my buddy’s back in Michigan that day telling them of my new job as a tour guide!  From light jets to Polaris 4x4’s! – I liked it and the business literally self-developed and took off all on its own. The name came about over a few drinks because of all the monkeys on the island.  For the first couple of years, my wife and I did all the tours primarily for entertainment as there’s not much to do on Nevis.  Later on as we got busier, we eventually hired guides.  And then came along our Yachtsman Grill – another story all in its own.  Now I find myself working harder than ever in my “retired” life but thoroughly loving it.  Funky Monkey is like Walt Disney World on Nevis as we’re the “happiest company on the island!”  But don’t take it from me – see our guest reviews on Trip Advisor and you’ll know why we’re the #1 Attraction on Nevis. 

Greg Slagon

(869) 665-6045